Touring Exhibition Plein Air

08.12. — 11.12.2015
European Parliament Brussels

“water and woad" is the name Eberhard Peters has given to his three-part series. Patches and streams of blues, whites and purples fiercely, swiftly and inexorably mingle on a black base. His free style of painting tells stories in an almost magical intensity of rotating movements, mighty torrents and elusive fusions. Violet attaches itself to indigo and then enters into the domain of ultraviolet and can no longer be perceived by human beings. This gives his pictures that mysterious and mystical quality. It is with this colour spectrum that the artist reflects the city of Görlitz in its vibrant individuality and also in its charming, seductive and outright melancholy charisma.

Berliner Straße 116
02943 Weißwasser
Phone 03576/204101