Touring Exhibition Plein Air

08.12. — 11.12.2015
European Parliament Brussels

Halina Gola makes references in her passionate photographs to the urbane statement of the idiom of opening the floodgates. Her sense of observing, recognising and evaluating amazes – her photographic eye discovers faded splendour under dissolving coats of paint and varnish. Both elements combine to create an effective spectacle of colours, whereby the artist conveys her interpretation by taking the picture at an oblique angle. She applies a different technique when she translates the colourful reality into graphic motifs in black and white, with the various shades of grey creating and intensifying an abstracting visual aesthetic disconnected from reality. Both techniques in their overall statement result in a medium of expression which Halina Gola uses for her artistic representation of the multi layered processuality she observed in Görlitz.

Moniuszki 50b/24
68-200 Żary