Touring Exhibition Plein Air

08.12. — 11.12.2015
European Parliament Brussels

The City-Space-Art exhibition displays the works of more than 50 artists from Switzerland, Latvia, Portugal, Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany who came to Görlitz following an invitation from the administrative district on the occasion of the 2012 Europe Days.

From the 2nd to the 6th May 2012 the artists were gathering inspiration for their artwork along the way in the Görlitz hall houses, the Town-Space and in the town’s history. They were finding out about the world culture application, the people of the town and were compiling an artistic view of the significance of the urban heritage of Görlitz. Sculptures, installations, paintings, photographs, graphics and panel paintings have been created - these works recognise and record the history of Central Europe and the transformations of Görlitz’s reality and presence.