Touring Exhibition Plein Air

08.12. — 11.12.2015
European Parliament Brussels

Maria Maier takes up the concept of “additiver Prozess der Baugeschichte“2 in the Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance, Art Nouveau and the Wilhelmine periods, which in a sense corresponds to the stages of her artistic creativity: She “adds” the art of photography to that of painting. Her 6 part series “G-additiv,” illustrates this approach where photographic effects are fused with elements of painting. Both elements are reflected in a linear representation. The artist takes pictures of unremarkable motifs such as decayed facades, construction sites, roofs, windows or stairs and combines them in a style of painting that is at times large-scale and forceful, and sensitive at other times. Thus she artistically creates the effect of density that the city has conveyed to her on many an occasion.

Hauptstraße 21
93069 Köfering
Phone 09406/90985