Touring Exhibition Plein Air

08.12. — 11.12.2015
European Parliament Brussels

Ulrike Thiele experiences the city’s liveliness in its infrastructure which is characterised by an eclectic culture. In over 400 photographs she has explored roads, streets, intersections, tracks, sometimes even architectural fragments in their various shapes and materials. Comings and goings require pathways of a real and a virtual kind, so that constantly new encounters can take place. She then uses her technically abstracted photo material to translate this line of thought into an artistic expression and creates a kind of abstract construction kit, a second phase of “architecture”. With her artistic concept, her tribute to Görlitz, Ulrike Thiele manifests a feeling of never-ending possibilities. At the same time, she reminds everyone that there is a history behind all ideas, and that knowing about this history is always a key component of understanding that idea.

Am Rosenberg 6
74821 Mosbach
Phone 06261/914190